Reasons to do business with Trisbee.
It’s free. Seriously!
We support businesses and don't require any minimum turnover. Payment acceptance is always free for businesses.
Fast and easy
Registering your business only takes 10 minutes and is all online. We then confirm each transaction immediately and send you the cash daily. It’s that fast!
Earn with every new customer
For each new customer that downloads the app and pays with Trisbee for the first time, you will earn 25 CZK. That’s right, we actually pay YOU.
Trisbee services for your business.
Payment acceptance
Receive or pay easily, fast and with no additional costs.
Cashflow advance
Stop worrying about your constantly changing cash flow.
Coming soon
Cashback & Exclusive offers
Offer cashbacks, discounts and special offers in the app for everyone to see.
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Trisbee payments for your business.

The best payment solution for physical and online businesses. It’s free, fast and safe. It’s Trisbee!

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