Trisbee web is helping you with your business.
As a merchant you have one Trisbee merchant profile linked to your personal ID (if you are a freelancer) or company ID (if you represent a company) and a bank account. You can set up an unlimited number of points of sale for individual stands, personnel, to have clarity on your revenue.
Overview at a glance.
You manage all your Trisbee business and features from a dashboard. E.g., in the dashboard you can see payments acceptance history for the individual points of sale, balances of money in transfer, cashflow advance balances or untapped advance offers, etc.
Easy and fast registration process.
To create a profile, you need to go through a simple merchant registration that should take less than 6 minutes once you have all the necessary documents ready for scan (personal ID, company bank account statement or contract).

Once registered, you can start accepting payments from your customers.
Fast processing is our Trisbee's core feature.
Get an instant notification of a successful payment in your profile. You can install a passive notification version of the dashboard on as many devices as you need, show only individual point of sale data, integrate the notifications into your POS or accounting system, etc.

Your revenue is transferred to your bank account in 24 hours within the payment at the latest.
It’s very simple for you and for your customers.
Customers can pay for your ware or services in several easy ways:
By scanning your point of sale QR code in the Trisbee app.
By tapping on your point of sale profile in the Trisbee app.
By confirming a payment in the Trisbee payment gateway integrated to your e-shop.
By confirming a payment in the Trisbee payment weblink.