Replacement of a payment terminal

You don’t need a payment terminal to receive cashless payments; all you need is your mobile telephone. You aren’t tied by monthly fees, the cost of the terminal or by having to sign a contract. You always have your mobile phone on you and it doesn’t matter whether your customers are paying you at your premises or from the comfort of their home.

It is free to register; we expect neither minimum turnovers nor other conditions. You get money to your bank account on the following day. We are transparent, we are fair and we are here for every entrepreneur.

Download the Trisbee Byznys application to your mobile or tablet from Google Play or App Store, you register as a recipient of payments and you start receiving cashless payments instantly.

Every customer with the Trisbee customer application in his/her mobile will be able to pay you with their mobile from now on. It takes about two minutes to make the Trisbee application operational so you can invite anyone who hasn’t got cash on her/him to download it on spot.

I want offer app payments for my customers

You will fill in the registration within 5 minutes and find out if the service will suit you