Senior Frontend Developer

Senior Frontend Developer

Trisbee is on a mission to simplify and make cheaper both online and offline acceptance of payments for businesses, sole traders and non-profit organizations. We dedicate a lot of time to thinking but we are fast and hard-working people who also enjoy their lives. We are bound to build a company with a positive impact not only in the Czech Republic but also in the rest of Europe.

Who are we looking for?

Especially an experienced person with results behind them. You've walked the path, you have your favourite stack and you know how to develop an app and also deploy it to the cloud. Being at home on GitHub and contributing to open-source is definitely an advantage πŸ‘

What do we use?

  • React, Typescript, Next.js, styled-components
  • Github Actions, Docker, Google Cloud Run (try it yourself)
  • Node.js, private npm packages
  • Mailgun, Zapier, Browserstack

What will you do?

    - Write sustainable code
    - Production experience and constantly learning new things
    - implement the API into the Pay App, B2B dashboard or to our internal backoffice
    - Tweaking communication between native wrappers and PWA
    - We've prototyped a lot of things, and it's time refactor them into TS, write tests for them
    - If you're into UI, we're in the process of unifying applications with a design system, Storybook
    - daily stand-ups with the product team

What will you get?

- Adequate salary and ESOP
- Startup spirit, drive to create new things that have an immediate impact in the real world
- 100% home-office
- Office in LetnΓ‘, if you are tired of it at home

Makes sense?