Pay and receive payments
without cash and without terminals.
All you need is your phone.

Get your business off the ground

Trisbee invites you to join us on a journey to the most convenient way of cashless payments.

Start accepting online payments without terminal – via smartphone or tablet. Register for free as a vendor or service provider and take your trade off the ground with Trisbee Go.


✅ Travel light - You don’t have to lug a terminal all the way to your customers anymore, and there will be no excessive operating costs weighing you down. Everything you need you already have: a phone.

Under strict control - Money travels through a  secure payment gateway, personal data is strictly protected. You are informed about each payment  through a push notification or SMS, and we also provide monthly statements for your accountant.

Without excessive costs Unlike POS providers we won’t charge you for operating costs or high percentage of sales. Using Trisbee will even help you to save on receipts!

With new people - From now on even those who couldn’t pay you because they didn’t have any cash on them will be able to pay you. Sounds like your daily profit is about to increase.

In constant contact If you need anything, our team is always on hand. Give us feedback on things that you like, give us bad feedback on things you think we should improve and give us suggestions for ideas that you think are missing!


It can’t be any more obligation-free

  1. It’s free to download, registration doesn’t require a minimum turnover or monthly fee, and there is a flat fee on each payment (1,9 % of the transaction amount).

  2. No terminal, no EET, no more worries.

  3. Download our Trisbee Go App on your smartphone or tablet from the Google Play or App Store and register with us as a payment recipient.

  4. From now on, each of your customers with the Trisbee app on their device have the option to pay you online.

  5. To set up a Trisbee account takes no more than 2 minutes, so you can ask anybody who wants to pay with their credit card to download it.


It (almost) won’t cost you a penny

It’s worth much more than it costs. No need to buy a POS terminal, no operating costs, no excessively high commissions. Only transparent processing fee after the payment has gone through.

Price list of all services for recipients 

Together we will make it, without terminals!


Stop running to ATMs,
stop looking for terminals

You can pay without cash, even at businesses where terminals are a bad word, in less than 2 minutes. Download our free app, add a payment card and enjoy the most convenient way of cashless payments.

Come fly with us!

4 kroky ke štěstí

Download our free Trisbee app on your phone or tablet from the Google Play or the App Store and add your payment card.

Trisbee supports major payment cards (MasterCard®, VISA®, Diners Club International®, Revolut®), so there shouldn’t be a snag in it. Just make sure that your card allows you to make payments on the internet (if you use your card to shop online, it will work with Trisbee too; if you aren’t sure, check your online banking).

✅ Wherever, whenever. You can use Trisbee to pay anyone as long as you have their phone number. All payments to businesses registered with us and to your friends are free of charge.

✅ The safest way. Money travels through a secure payment gateway. If the amount exceeds 500 CZK, you have to confirm your identity with PIN or your Touch/Face ID, aka your login details. No third party can access your data.


It almost won’t cost you a penny

With Trisbee, you can pay to anyone using just their telephone number. If the recipient is registered in our system of merchants and traders. If you want to send money to someone who still isn’t registered with us, you will have to pay a fee of 1,9 % of the transaction amount.