(1) What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files stored in the memory of your browser or device while browsing a website. They are stored in your browser by the visited websites. They are necessary for certain website features, such as logging in. Thanks to cookies, the sites or applications also remember various settings, such as language, fonts and other options you have chosen for the site display. That is the reason why we place cookies on your device.

Cookies can be divided into two categories according to their durability:

The short-term “session cookies” remain in your browser or device until you close your browser or application, after which they are deleted.

The long-term “persistent cookies” remain stored in the browser or device for a long time (depending on your browser settings and the settings of the cookies themselves) or until you delete them manually. Thanks to these cookies, the user's device can be identified when the web browser or application is restarted. In no case cookies affect technical use of your device and contain viruses.

Cookies can be divided into two categories depending on who creates and processes them:

First party cookies are created directly by a website or scripts in the same domain. These most often serve to ensure basic functionalities of the website or application.

Third party cookies are most often those of advertising systems, social network widgets or embedded videos.

(2) What cookies do we use?

We mainly use technical cookies (first party and session cookies) that are necessary to ensure basic functionalities of the websites, applications, or other services, such as saving of the selected language version.

We also use Google tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Tag Manager (first party and persistent cookies) in order to gather data and generate statistics on users’ behavior so that we can better tailor our services. The data are assessed in the bulk and therefore anonymous form preventing personal identification.

You can also use the websites in a mode disallowing collection of data about your behavior - just set up your browser, or raise an objection to the data collection based on the legitimate interest, doing so by email sent to

We will process your objection without undue delay, not later than in a month. In exceptional cases, especially due to the complexity of your request, we are entitled to extend this period by another two months. We would nevertheless inform you about such an extension, including the justification thereof.

However, in case you object to the processing of technical cookies needed for the website functionality, we cannot guarantee full functionality and compatibility of our website.

We never use cookies to identify you personally and we never place sensitive or personal data therein.

(3) Why do we process cookies?

  1. To ensure full functionality and usability of our website - cookies required to ensure the full functionality and usability of our website (so-called technical cookies).

  2. To facilitate browsing of our website – cookies that are not absolutely necessary for the full functioning of the website, nevertheless improving the users’ experience.

  3. In our legitimate interest - using cookies, we measure traffic and keep statistics about your behavior on the website. We can monitor and improve the functionality and security of our website, application and other services.

  4. To customize advertising and marketing messages - we tailor advertising and its targeting to your needs or use cookies for retargeting.

In order to prevent unauthorized access to our cookies and similar technologies, we have security measures in place wherever necessary. The unique identifier ensures that the access to the cookies data is available only to us and/or to the authorized service provider.

All personal data that we collect and store using these technologies for purposes in the categories 2 to 4 above depend on your consent, asked for in the form of an explicit message displayed on our website on your first visit. The consent may be revoked in your browser settings anytime.

(4) How to adjust the use of cookies?

You can delete all cookies previously stored in your device. Most browsers also offer the option of blocking the placement of cookies into your device – however, keep in mind that such blocking or deactivating of cookies results in the loss of the monitoring tool feature, which may adversely affect your overall viewing experience. Detailed information on the settings for storing of cookies in your browser or device can be found on the website of the specific browser provider. Information on how to set up your browser and restrict or enable processing of cookies can be for instance found here.

(5) How long will we process the data?

Data from cookies intended for the traffic measuring and for operation of the website or application are stored only for the time strictly necessary for the operation of the website and for the statistical purposes. The individual cookies storage and processing periods (including for marketing purposes) are governed by the terms and conditions of the service specifically used (see point 6 below). You can withdraw your consent to the use of cookies at any time by simply changing the settings of your web browser, or by contacting us at

(6) Who is authorized to access cookies data?

The collected cookies are processed by the following data processors:

  • Google Analytics, operated by Google Inc., with registered office at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

  • Google Adwords, operated by Google Inc., with registered office at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

  • Google Tag Manager, operated by Google Inc., with registered office at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

  • Sklik, operated by, a.s., Commercial Id. No.: 26168685, with registered office at Prague 5 – Smíchov, Radlická 3294/10, PSČ 150 00

  • Facebook, with registered office at 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, United States

The above data processors process cookies in accordance with their terms and conditions providing for handling of personal data.

<span id="_heading=h.2s8eyo1" class="anchor"></span>These policies for the use of cookies come into force and take effect from 1 December 2020.