Which of the two applications is right for me – Trisbee or Trisbee Business?
If you want to pay in stores, use Trisbee.
If you want to receive payments for your products or services, use Trisbee Business.
How does Trisbee work?
Trisbee is a mobile payment app which you can run directly in your web browser without installing it on your phone.
The easiest way to pay is to scan the merchant's QR code. Then you just enter the amount to pay and confirm it by tapping the yellow button. You'll instantly receive a transaction alert on your phone with a verification code.
You can also pay remotely – just look up the merchant in the web app and continue as mentioned above.
If you don’t have the app yet, you can quickly register here. After registration you'll find €5 in your account so you can start paying immediately. If it's not enough, top up your account via bank transfer or a payment card.
Is it really free?
Yes, it is :)
How do I get Trisbee?
Easy, just scan the merchant's QR code and follow the instructions to create an account or go to our website and register for free.
Where can I pay with Trisbee?
You can send payments via Trisbee to merchants who are registered with us. Check out our map of merchants on our website for users or sign up for updates and be notified about new merchants joining the Trisbee tribe.
Is it secure?
In the best way possible.
The application is password-protected – any time you want to use it, you have to enter your PIN, or to identify yourself with Touch ID or Face ID.
We are registered with the Office for Personal Data Protection and as a payment services provider we are subject to CNB supervision.
Simply put, we would have to assign you a bodyguard to beat that level of security. You can also check out our policy.