Which of the two applications is right for me – Trisbee or Trisbee Business?
Use Trisbee Business if you want to receive payments for your products or services.

If you want to pay in stores, use Trisbee.
How does the Trisbee payment get processed? What goes on between me and the customer?
Customers scan your Trisbee QR code with their phone and are redirected to the Trisbee web app. Then they just enter the amount and confirm it by tapping the green button. Voilà! Money's been sent!

If the customer doesn't have an account on Trisbee yet, they can simply use the app in the web browser to scan the QR code or they can register on our website. The registration process is very easy and takes 1 minute. After registration each customer will have €5 in their account so they can start paying immediately. If they need more than that, they have to top up their Trisbee account with their bank account. You'll both receive an alert on your phone instantly about the transaction.
Trisbee offers online and commission-free payments. That’s why it's as simple as it can be.
How much will it cost me?
Trisbee offers two solutions:

If your monthly turnover via Trisbee will be less than 5,000€, the solution is completely free and there are no commissions on transactions!

If your monthly turnover via Trisbee is higher than than 5,000€, there is a subscription fee of €19/month (or €199/year). Only the payments via Trisbee are included in the turnover. Does Premium offer a little something extra? Of course! You'll get access to the merchant dashboard, cashflow advance and also a €1 bonus for every new customer paying with Trisbee for the first time. Is your turnover lower but you got interested in premium features? No problem, contact us. Everything is possible with Trisbee.

We’re trying to be as transparent as possible – check out our price list here and see all the benefits.
When can I expect my money in my bank account?
The next working day! At Trisbee we understand the importance of cash flow and we’ll never leave you hanging dry.
Can I use Trisbee on multiple devices or for more branches?
You bet you can!

The app allows you to manage multiple branches as long as they are all registered with the main phone number. You can also use multiple phone devices to receive payments at each branch. All you have to do is use the main phone number to log in and enter the access code from an SMS sent to that same phone number.
What if I choose to terminate the service and cancel my subscription?
If you like Trisbee but don’t want to pay for Premium features such as merchant dashboard, cashflow advance and a €1 bonus for every new customer anymore, you can switch back to the free version anytime.

If you don't need to use Trisbee anymore, well, you'll regret it lately, for sure, but we won't stand in your way. Just stop using the app and that's it. However, it's always better to let us know on support@trisbee.com.
What if I reach the monthly turnover limit for the free version?
You'll be notified by email when you reach 80% of the limit so you'll have plenty of time to decide whether you want to continue or wait until next month. When you reach the limit, you'll be asked to pay a monthly subscription fee of € 19/month. After that, you will get access to features such as merchant dashboard, cashflow advance and a €1 bonus for every new customer using Trisbee to pay for the first time.

If you don’t reach the turnover limit the following month, you can switch back to the free version without any fee, however, you'll lose access to all premium features.