You won't lose any customers - few people carry cash in their pockets and the ability to pay cashless is becoming commonplace.

Trisbee is the most flexible way to accept card payments - no special device, internet or power outlet. Customers pay by scanning your QR code with their mobile phone - no need to download an app.

The customer scans your QR code with the camera on the mobile phone

The Customer enters the amount you dictate to him

Chooses a payment method (Apple Pay, Google Pay or card payment)

The client confirms and a green screen appears confirming that the payment has been made. You will also receive an SMS confirming the newly received payment.


For small businesses in the Start plan, Trisbee is completely free, up to a monthly turnover of 50 000 CZK. If the entrepreneur is successful and exceeds the amount, they will enter the Plus program and pay 490 CZK/month. Otherwise, Trisbee is free - we don't take a percentage of the transaction or charge a fee.

You are not signing up for a pre-determined period of time, nor are you committing to a monthly turnover. That's why Trisbee is also great for seasonal businesses, like summer swimming pools, winter ice rinks, or pumpkin stands at markets.

Internet, coffee and your favorite slippers!

You can register online from the comfort of your home, you need just some proof of identity and a current bank statement, where we'll send payments from clients to.

Actually, almost nothing, you just need to have your QR code visibly placed, which you will receive from us. It's handy to have your mobile phone to receive SMS notifications that payment has been successful.

After the payment is made, the client will see a green screen that can show to you. And you will receive an SMS with information about the new payment, in which you will see the amount and the code of transaction, the transaction code (which is the same as the code the client has on the green screen). If you want, we can set up an email confirmation of the payment in addition to the SMS.

On the Plus or Premium plan, you'll receive your money automatically within 3 working days, and on the Start plan, which is free, you'll receive your money within 7 working days. The minimum amount we pay out is 30 CZK.

Oh, sure! We have a special feature for this, where the customer can choose the amount of the tip. The sum of tips for a given day (or other time period) can be found in Trisbee Business in the transactions section. Let's make it jingle!