Frequently asked questions by merchants/users

  • There are two applications: Trisbee and Trisbee Byznys. Which one is the right one?

    Trisbee is designed for you if you want to pay to merchants or traders registered with us.

    Trisbee Business will be used by those who want to receive cashless payments for their goods or services through us.

  • What is happening during the Trisbee payment? What exactly takes place between the payer and the payee in the course of the Trisbee payment?

    Trisbee is a standard online payment. The customer scans your QR code in the application, writes down the amount and confirms it with a green button. At that moment, you get a message from us with a verification code; the payment remitter sees the same code as well.

    The customer can also pay you remotely; he/she just needs to find your name in the application and act as if they were paying via QR code.

  • How do I acquire Trisbee Byznys?

    You can download the application straight away. To have it fully operational, you have to register with Trisbee Byznys as a recipient of payments. The registration is free, and it shouldn’t take you more than 6 minutes. We promise! Please register here

    Upon your registration, you will get an e-mail with a request to supply the following documents:

    • Photo of two IDs (identity card, driving licence, travel passport).
    • Document to corroborate the existence of your bank account (Contract establishing the account or an account statement). The transactions can easily be blacked out – what’s important to us is to know that the bank account belongs to you or your company.
    • Logo of branch or company.
    • Send 1 CZK via bank transfer (from the account to which you want to receive the payments) to a bank account Nr. 2401239169/2010.2401239169/2010

    After receiving all the necessary documents and verifying your identity, we will add you to our database. It is done and you can start receiving payments from your customers.

    You can get the Trisbee Business application just like any other application for your telephone or tablet. Download it for free either in for Android or iOS version.. We are required to ask for this type of information by the Anti Money-Laundering Law, which is very strict about this.

    Získání těchto informací nám ukládá zákon proti praní špinavých peněz, který je v tomto nekompromisní.

  • How much will it cost me?

    0% to the monthly turnover via the Trisbee application CZK 120,000. In the case of higher turnover, 1% of each transaction exceeds this amount. Only payments via the Trisbee application are included in the turnover. If you have a higher turnover, but receive less than CZK 120,000 via Trisbee, you still have free payments.

    We’re trying to be as transparent as possible – please view our complex price list here.

  • And what about the statement of received payments from my customers?

    We will serve it to you on a silver tray every month, in a clear statement of transactions sent to your e-mail address. Then you will simply add it to your accounting along with all the other payments. Here you can read the instructions how the fees are charged.

  • How am I to enter the payment charges via Trisbee?

    Trisbee is a provider of payment services registered with the Czech National Bank and it does therefore account the charges pursuant to the Act 370/2017, Coll., on Payments. These charges are VAT exempt and are accounted in the same mode as bank charges. Monthly bank statement we send automatically to your e-mail is the base. No tax document is issued (which is the same like for banks) for the charges.

  • How much money can my customers send me via Trisbee?

    Immediately upon registration, the customer has a limit of 600 CZK from us. When we have downloaded his/her identity card to verify, the limit is raised to 6,000 CZK; in the case of paying an amount already spent, we will renew the limit again. The customer can see his/her entire spending and/or remaining limit clearly in his/her mobile application.

  • What if the customer doesn’t have enough money at his/her card? Will I be able to tell?

    The payment will not be performed in such case. We protect all users against card abuse by respecting both the account balance and the online payment limit. If the payment does not take place, Trisbee Byznys will instantly notify you with a highly noticeable notification. To avoid any misunderstanding or, worse, conflict about whether or not a payment had been conducted, the customer shall receive the same notification from us as well.

  • How long will it take you to transfer the payment money to my bank account?

    We will transfer money automatically until the following workday from the day the payment took place, to the bank account you have entered when registering with Trisbee.

  • Is it possible to pay with Trisbee on weekend days or at night?

    We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. You can pay with us any time you please.

  • What happens to my payment if the internet connection gets disconnected during the settlement?

    The application will always inform you about what happened to the payment – first through a notification immediately upon entry and, second, in an overview of all transactions entered in the past. This also applies in the cases when the payment has not taken place due to an interrupted connection. Both the payee and payer always receive a notification. If by any chance the internet fails, the result is the same as if the terminal payment has failed. It just shouldn’t take place so often.

  • Is the Trisbee payment truly done “in a flash”?

    If the storm is only 1 km away from you, you will hear the thunder around 3 seconds after seeing the lightning. Trisbee payment will take 1 to 3 seconds from the payment authorization. We send you the money by the following workday which is faster than when paying via payment terminal. The refund is done immediately. Yes, you truly do pay “in a flash”.

  • Can I use Trisbee Byznys even if I have neither a smartphone nor a tablet?

    Yes! You can receive payments from your customers even if you don’t own smartphone or tablet. We will immediately notify you of any performed payment with a free SMS and, at the same time, send the payment to your bank account. You give us the bank account when you register so we don’t need to bother you with it again and all will be done smoothly and without delay. You will get your money by the following workday.

  • Can I run Trisbee Byznys on multiple devices or branches?

    aYou bet you can!
    The app allows you to set up multiple branches and switch from one branch to another as long as they are all listed under the main phone number. To log on to a specific branch, just enter the main phone number and the access code from the verification SMS sent to your main phone number.
    Furthermore, you can use multiple phone devices for any payment at any branch. Again, all you do is just enter the main phone number and the access code from the verification SMS sent to your main phone number.

  • I´ve got a new phone. How shall I re-set Trisbee Byznys?

    It is great that you have thought of this, but there´s nothing to worry about. If you have retained your phone number, just download the Trisbee Byznys app once again to your new phone and all will run as before. If, however, you´ve got a new phone number, let us know and we will take care of all changes required.

  • What if I change my bank?

    Please contact us as soon as possible and we´ll handle it instantly to make sure that incoming payments are directed to your new account rather than the old one.

  • I have a foreign phone number. Can I use Trisbee Byznys?

    Unfortunately, you can´t. At the moment, Trisbee Byznys supports Czech phone numbers only. We are planning to include foreign ones as well, though!

  • How does Trisbee treat my personal data?

    Your personal data is sacred to us! We have secured it against leaking to any third person, and God forbid we would actively offer it to anyone. As a payment services provider we are subject to supervision by the Czech National Bank and are registered with the Office for Personal Data Protection. Read more about Trisbee personal data protection here.

  • What if I choose to terminate Trisbee Byznys and cancel my registration?

    We will regret it, but we will not stand in the way. Please inform us of your decision by email at

    Don´t anticipate any termination fee. We act fair and transparent.

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