Keep payments on hand

You can start paying in places without POS device right away, the app is free. Downloading takes just two minutes but saves hours of looking for ATMs.

Why have a mobile app?

have app can be useful, for example for:

  • You can pay using a QR code

    scan, tap, and pay, God's thing 🚀

  • pay a friend just over the phone number

    you probably have him in your contacts, so the faster way to retract the debt is no longer

  • each payment notification

    get a payout report, you'll see all incoming and less fun outgoing payments

  • rewards at events and festivals

    we reward you with app apps, for example 50 CZK cashback or beer for half our last carts

Any answer or reason missing? Check out Frequently Asked Questions and it will be fine.

Namiřte fotoaparátem nebo QR kód čtečkou pro stažení aplikace
Download the application by scanning the QR code

How to start using the app